Are You A Student Of Oko Polytechnic? Here Is The New Dress Code For Both Male & Female Students

As schools and some universities in some states in Nigeria resumes, there will surely be new rules and regulation to not just ensure the safety of the students, but also to uphold the right conduct in the school environment.

In a shared post that uploaded by a social media user on Twitter, he shared the new dress code issued by a Federal Polytechnic in Anambra state (Oko), concerning how students of the polytechnic should dress both male and female.

In a memo which was tagged, “War Against Indecent Dressing” and signed by the Director dress code and ethics, has the following rules that students must adhere to below:

For the females, the following dress habits or pattern are prohibited;

Wearing cap or scarf to examination halls, colored hair, mini or short clothes, transparent clothes, nose rings, sleeveless, and clothes that are revealing sensitive parts of the body.

For the male folks, the following dressing pattern are also prohibited;

Clothes with immoral print on them, rugged jeans, shorts or knickers, dread locks or colored hair, wearing of ear rings and wearing of cap or scarf during examination.

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