Santa Claus in human body as Marcus Rashford proceeds with his “End Child Poverty” campaign

Manchester United and England striker, Marcus Rashford, has turned from being just a footballer, to being the Santa Claus of his time, as the United forward isn’t giving up on his mission to feed the most vulnerable kids in the UK.

Marcus Rashford’s campaign which is simply to feed hungry kids during the school holidays, is gaining more support as it was first rejected by the UK government. Rashford took to his official Twitter feed, as he turned it into a network of restaurants, cafes and communities who will feed the children for free.

Rashford also called on his fans and fellow footballers to help sign an online petition, which its aim is to end food poverty in the UK.

“If you can do one thing for me tonight, sign the petition. It’s time we put arty politics aside and worked together to find a long-term sustainable solution to child food poverty in the UK.” The petition reads.

Not just individuals, but other football clubs are beginning to tag along as they prepare to join the “End Food Poverty In The UK”.

Here are reactions and contribution statements from clubs and restaurants in the UK:

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