“My wife and her family members want to kill me” Duncan Mighty Reveals

Nigerian musician and songwriter, Duncan Wene Mighty, has taken to his social media page to call out his wife and her family members for allegedly trying to kill him and take over his properties.

According to Duncan Mighty, his wife has already packed all her belongings out of the house to an unknown location after she made the confession of trying to kill him, something which was plotted by also her family members.

Duncan who revealed that she made the confession after they spent time in one of his private residence, said he was shocked as he truly loves her and her family, moreover, he is currently building a house for her family, just to show how he feels for them.

According to gathered information, the threat to his life, was because of his properties, as they feel he was too young to have acquired such wealth and the fear of what will happen if anything happens to him, knowing he is the only son of his mother. According to Duncan, the plan was to inflict him with a disease that will make people think that he is on drugs, before eventually taken his life.

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