Nigerian Doctor Murders Wife, Then Commits Suicide In Texas, U.S.

A Nigerian doctor identified as Ben Okigbo and his wife, Theresa, were found dead in their Texas home on Friday morning, according to police.

The United States police reports that the death of the Nigerian couple is believed to have resulted from a murder-suicide.

“One of the kids dialled 911 (the emergency police number), apparently there was a fight or disturbance going on inside the resident,” Police chief, Eric Robins, said.

The police said that when officers arrived, they found the couple dead inside the home. Adding that the couple’s three adult children were also at the scene, with two of them suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

While the police were yet to identify the Nigerian couple, a Facebook post by the Rector at The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Houston said:

“Dear friends, the causes for grief in 2020 seem to multiply.

“I am very sad to inform you that Ben and Theresa Okigbo died this morning at their home in Sugarland. Their sons Peter and Paul were transported to Memorial Sugarland Hospital, but have since been released.

“Currently, they are with their sister Laura, in the care of their uncle, Ben Okoh. This news is absolutely devastating for our Epiphany family, especially for many of our Nigerian members, whose lives and hearts were touched so profoundly by Ben and Theresa.

“We have no good answers, only broken hearts to bring to our Lord Jesus. And there is no better place for our broken hearts to be than in his care. I assured Ben and Laura that their Epiphany family is ready to surround them with grace and mercy and to be of any assistance we can to these three children who will now grapple with the loss of two parents.

“Keep them in your prayers. More information will follow as plans are made.”

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