#CHIVIDO24: The Romantic Journey of Davido and Chioma

Enduring love stories are truly special, and the relationship between David Adeleke, known to the world as Davido, and Chioma Rowland, fondly called Chef Chi, is a prime example. Through numerous challenges, this Nigerian music icon and his beloved have demonstrated that genuine love can triumph over adversity. From their modest beginnings to becoming one of Africa’s most admired celebrity duos, Davido and Chioma’s romance is marked by dedication, resilience, and deep affection.

Davido and Chioma’s paths first crossed at Babcock University, where Davido completed his studies in 2014. Chioma was still a student at the time. While the exact timeline of when they started dating remains private, Davido has shared in interviews that they have known each other for two decades, having grown up together and formed an inseparable bond.

In 2018, Davido’s hit song “Assurance” became an anthem for their relationship. The music video, with its wedding theme, sparked speculation about their marital status. The couple then welcomed their first child together, Ifeanyi Adeleke, in 2019.

Tragedy struck in 2022 when their son, Ifeanyi, tragically drowned in a swimming pool. Following this loss, Davido and Chioma took a hiatus from social media. They later returned with Davido announcing plans to marry Chioma. Despite rumors of a breakup in 2020, the couple never publicly addressed these speculations. In 2023, Davido confirmed their legal marriage, and they welcomed twins in the US.

The much-anticipated traditional wedding, themed “Chivido” (a fusion of their names), is taking place in Lagos today, June 25, 2024.

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