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Ajimovoix Drums, Music Record Producer, Singer and Song writer Kick starts a new trending challenge, “Dey Play”. Just in no time Ajimovoix Drums did a turn around from a trending moment to a challenge which he titled (DEY PLAY DANCE BEAT CHALLENGE. Follow the Instructions below; As an emerging artist Drop your verse,Make a video of yourself vibing and performing …

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AJIMOVOIX DRUMS Release New Album Titled “That Unserious Focus Boi (T.U.F.B)”

AJIMOVOIX DRUMS Release New Album Titled "That Unserious Focus Boi (T.U.F.B)"

Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer & multi-instrumentalist Ajimovoix Drums has taken the world by storm following his debut 2024 release FOCUS DANCE BEAT’ which got the whole Nigerian music industry in a frenzy, birthing the dance style known as Focus Dance created by Hagman and Abati, breaking social media records in 2021 for the most famous dance participation in the …

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Ajimovoix Drums – Fake Life

Fake Life

Blazing Ajimovoix Drums music producer, song writer, singer and DJ also known as the lead viral hit maker in Nigeria flex’s out his other end abilities by adding melodies and lyrics to is newly introduced singing abilities. The Viral hitmaker, DJ and producer Ajimovoix took to the never let the party stop approach, to dishing out heavy records monthly, this …

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Ajimovoix Drums Releases New EP “Border To Border”

Ajimovoix Drums EP

Popularly known as a music and record producer and the originator of the Focus Dance Beat, Ajimovoix Drums flexes his rich musical background and skills like never before on his 5-track EP, “Border To Border” where he revisits his roots as a singer and re-introduces himself to the music scene. On Border, Ajimovoix Drums offers listeners a unique blend of …

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