Never Post Any Of These 6 Things About Your Relationship On Social Media

Aside the fact that one in five relationships are born of social media dating, using the inter-webs and apps to dish about your relationship is still an experiment in progress. It is quite easy to brag or complain, especially when a WhatsApp Status, Snapchat snap, Facebook Story or an Instagram story update goes away in 24 hours. However, that doesn’t make it a good idea Either.

Below are a number of things that dating experts believe that you should never ever post on social media.

1. Your Breakup

Spare everyone the gory details. If you and your partner break-up, the emotional mess is enough to clean up without having to field comments and advice from social media friends and gossip-mate.

Posting about how you got dumped shouldn’t be public knowledge. Just change your relationship status to ‘Single’ when and if you call it quits to signal that you’re on the market again. Keep the dirty details to yourself.

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