“Gbese by Q-dot is the biggest song on the Mainland ATM take or leave it” – @JAYWONJUWONLO

International Ambassador of J-Autos, Jaywonjuwonlo has finally put to the public saying that latest song by Qdot “Gbese” remains the best biggest song coming from the Mainland.
This is indeed a great decision by the Aje crooner who has in recent times released high spiritual motivation.
Meanwhile, the so-called song by the Yorubadboi music super star Qdot Alagbe another banger titled “ Gbese ” having delivered multiple hits over the years.
This new single Gbese (Lift up your leg) has once again depicts he is actually the king of hits from the beat to lyrics, it is a dope creative concept. This, according to profile.
“Gbese by Q-dot is the biggest song on the mainland ATM take or leave it. Congratulations my brethren!! Be happy for your people when they are wining”

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