@theFaridaAdamu Shares Most Painful Experience on Her Birthday @24

The world is indeed a market place, one day all will be traded and return home. Life is full of challenges varing from critical to climax.
Many who lookupon their present predicaments think no one else could bear such heinous experiences and pains. Not knowing that theirs’ is just a hope in the face of others.
The story of Farida Adamu is heartfelt, touching but now interesting being a survival of life most difficult trials. It all started like a birth into turbulence, starting from the early stage of life.
Every viewer of this will indeed give thanks to God for the life experience. Farida took to her Twitter handle as she turns 24years, sharing her life experience :

“At 6, I lost my mum. At 7, I had an accident that almost blinded me. At 20, I lost my dad, the most painful loss I’ve ever experienced. I’m 24 today, becoming all God wants me to be, all my thanks are not enough.
PS: Snapchat first-timer, can’t even recognize myself😀”

That is the testimony! She is forever celebrated.

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