“Tinubu is a manipulative Wizard that God has decided to humiliate” – Nigerians React On Closure Of Igbo-Owned Oshodi Market

The closure of popular Oshodi market reportedly owned by Igbos during the ongoing polls continue to generate outrageous displeasure among Nigerians, this as they counter the activities on twitter environment.
Read bellow opinions of some concerned social media enthusiasts:
“Seeing shops belonging to Igbos closed in Oshodi & other parts of Lagos because of harassment by state sponsored thugs and the fear & trauma those shop owners must be passing through most sadden every genuine patriot.
We are not making progress as a nation.”
“Tinubu is a manipulative wizard that God has decided to humiliate. Nigerians fight for your nation! GMB Tinubu & Hellrufai horns shall be cut off in Jesus matchless name! Amen and Amen”
This is not Yourba hating Igbos. It’s the APC forcing their way to win by all means.
Why are you guy attacking the igbos is there no yourba who voted for PDP is just natural hate an jealous so you guys hate that is it ,
How will the nation progress where south west promote, incompetent, ethnic killing, nepotism, and tribal bigots by voting Buhari. Is clear now that south west know what they are doing is not state sponsored thugs
Every other ethnic thugs in #Nigeria harasses Igbos as though they are their problems. This is one of d things that justifies d immediate restoration of #Biafra. &let everyone be at peace in his/her own enclave without rancour.We visit each other on neighbourly country terms.
How did you not see that this threat is to prepare grounds for a safe delivery of Sanwo-olu in a forthnight.
This is not about ethnicity. After all, PDP is also doing well in other SW States. The thugs are APC sponsored, and I tend to agree with the opinion that it is about the forthcoming Governorship election. Sad that our politics is still @ this low level.



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