LEARN: 10 Ways SARS Operate – Nelson Explains (Beware!!!) #EndSARS

Profound Facebook user, NELSON ODIGILI haven studied tactics and heinous methods of Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Nigeria explained how they carryout operations while trying to ransack people.

In this discourse, he however emphasized on 10 key points being used by SARS in the process. Therefore, calling on all patriotic Nigerians to wake-up against the odds #EndSARS :

NELSON ODIGILI :- “Let me tell you how they operate Incase people don’t know.

1. They may or may not introduce themselves properly.

2. They ask you what you do for a living while taking you into their hired danfo or vanagon or whatever vehicle they hire for the operation.

3. They search and ram-sack you for any valuables or ID.

4. They take all valuables first. They order you to open your phone and give it to an IT inclined person among them.

5. He searches through your device for whatever. After invading your privacy they always pick something and accuse you of internet fraud.

6. They threaten you with anything possible.
7. Mind you your phones are not with you so you can’t call anyone.

8. While this is going on be sure to be regularly receiving slaps, blows and other form of physical abuse so you know they are serious.

9. You negotiate and pay πŸ’° mostly cash. They may also steal your valuables.

10. You are dropped off in a remote or different location and they zoom off.

So BROS when you call the IGP XSQUAD after they have gone wetin u go tell them? I was raped by FSARS?

We need to end this menace
If government can’t
We will find our way.
Mind you I have got experience with them plus I am a law abiding Citizen.””

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