How To Find Husband Material, Here Are Tips

Its usually about Wife material, however this article is about finding husband material, it’s only right for a woman to find a compatible man for her to get married too. So what does it takes to be husband material? is it his height, color or appearance? it goes beyond that check out the article to know who a husband material is. Read Tips below;

1.Respect you as a woman and believe in you
You need someone that respects you for who you are, love you regardless of your flaws, treat you like his mom, love you like his sister and believe in you.

2. You guys have build trust:
To strive in a relationship, you must build Trust. If he is someone you don’t trust or he is shady, he is not good enough, you must be able to trust him to be with him. The foundation of your relationship must be built on trust.

3. He takes responsibilities:
A man should be able to take care of his woman and make her feel secure, protect her and provide for her. He should also be able to take responsibility as a man when he is wrong.

4. He has a grand plan for his future :
A man must have a realistic plan for his future, he should know what he wants to do or be in the next 5 years, a man that can’t figure out what he wants his not a husband material

5. He has left the ‘Omo mummy stage‘
He must be a man of himself and not rely on his mom before he makes decisions if he still sucks up to his mom and he hasn’t left the omo mummy stage don’t even think of going down with him yet. He needs to be his own man.

6. You guys must have common beliefs and values
It makes it easier for you guys to have a smooth relationship when you have common beliefs and values, you guys will have an issue, but it will be easier to resolve, you guys will Most time be on the same page when it comes to making decisions.

7.Loves you unconditional and makes you feel special
Every woman wants to feel like she’s the only one in her man’s life, if he gives you undivided attention, loves you regardless of your flaws and makes you feel like the queen of his world, he is husband material.

8. He completes your world
If be fills the void every time you’re together, makes you feel happy and laugh when he is definitely a husband material

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