Cardi B & Offset Dance to BigThril's 'Parte after Parte' (SEE VIDEO)

Cardi B & Offset Dance to BigThril’s ‘Parte after Parte’ (SEE VIDEO)

American rapper Cardi B drags her husband Offset into dancing to Bightril’s ‘Parte after Parte’.

Recall Cardi B visited Africa last week for Livespot X Festival in Lagos and Accra. The rapper visited a strip club while in Nigeria and had a running stomach in Ghana.

After performing in Africa and returning to her husband Offset in US, Cardi B is still not moving away from the amazing experiences he had in Africa.

They over played Nigeria songs into her head. This is her and her husband, Offset on their home from the strip club just now vibing to Bigthril’s ‘Parte after Parte’. You just gatta love Cardi B.

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