BREAKING! Man applies for divorce, says Wife's Vagina is too wide

BREAKING! Man applies for divorce, says Wife’s Vagina is too wide

Everyone was in shock at Ebelle community in Edo state as a man pleads for divorce on grounds that his wife’s vagina is too wide.

This was an unbelievable story as a mam identified as Osamudiame Iyobosa allegedly returns his legally married wife to her family for such flimsy excuse.

The man who dropped his wife at her parent’s house in Ubiaja in a green coloured golf 4 told his in-laws that many people must have slept with Edeki for her vagina to be that wide.

The couple before now were living at upper mission road in Benin city. It was said that Edeki was merely recommended to Iyobosa.

However, a man who sells palm wine near Ubiaja market admits that the man may be right, according to him, Edeki was a well-known flirt in the neighbourhood and that no indigene would have married her.

He said they were all surprised when Iyobosa came from Benin to marry her. Some young girls even started flirting saying that flirts are the luckiest ones using Edeki as an example of a lucky flirt.

The parents of Edeki were said to have been very angry with their inlaw for exposing their weakness publicly. The mother of the girl according to a witness was said to have called Iyobosa half man.

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