Music Review: Erigga Addresses The Covid-19 Infamy In “Quarantine Cruise”

It’s amazing how Erigga has made it an obligation even to represent the rhythm of one’s root when rapping. The veteran pidgin-english rapper has shown that no one should be made to feel inferior about his style of rapping.

A few days back Erigga dropped a new tune dubbed “Quarantine Cruise”, which serves as an isolation vibe for his fans as they stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

It’s exactly nine month since Erigga released The Erigma 2 album, his second studio project which received wide appraisal from the public, with over 7 million streams on Audiomack. This makes him stand as unarguably one of the greatest Nigerian rapper of all time. Whenever you listen to him, it shows clearly that he has perfected the art of making quality music.


Erigga’s style of rap music has seen him climb steadily, conquering new grounds, and crafting popular records with an excellent style and delivery.

Here we have 3 minutes of undiluted Pidgin-English flavoured rap offering in QUARANTINE CRUISE. As Erigga takes us on a cruise on the several controversies that have aired during the current covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world at the moment.

As a Nigerian, various topics have been brought up as “even the stay at home 14 days dem give don de pass 19”. With people unable to work, as several have loss their jobs and source of livelihood as the hunger rate increases. While street boys have taken to daylight armed robbery.

1 million boys dey take everywhere Lagos how manage? Na overdo wan kill them so mainland boys arrange.


The controversial moment on the QUARANTINE CRUISE expectedly-comes with the 0.25 seconds commentary of a man who states his disappointment in the way the Nigeria government has handled the COVID-19 crisis. Asking for the need of Government to intervene in the welfare and livelihood of the people as staying at home means hunger. Which might kill us faster than the virus itself. “We know say covid dey kill but hunger dey kpai

This followed in with the sharp, precise tonguing by Erigga on a delicate piano-driven drum beat produced under the eminent mastery of No Limits.

Erigga tells of how the infamy of the covid-19 crisis and the government imposed lockdown has disrupted plans to have fun and how he misses spending time with loved ones as the lockdown has kept everyone home.

This was what he was saying at 0:27;

Omo I tire to sitdown house f*uk you covid. If no be you I for don dey turkey now dey blow weed. Dubai trips lamborghini, just dey blow speed.

Always known to be controversial, Erigga drags religious bodies as he criticizes the church for not standing up in times like this when their members need help. Erigga points out that if the church says it follows Jesus, it should show love just as Jesus did.

I need refund Papa, how much I take sow seed. Wetin dey sup why the church nor fit come through. We nor say Jesus love us die but what about you.

Erigga then addresses the vicious circle of clout chasing artistes who do fake giveaway packages and audio donations. He calls them out to stop living the fake life and act like all is alright.

Artiste dey fight themselves for Twitter some dey form savage. Audio donations everywhere fake giveaway package.


Quarantine Cruise is a widescreen masterpiece of Afro Pop Rap offering by Erigga Paperboi, with a beat soothing to the ears (Accolades to No Limits), and a deterrent inclined lyrics that halloo a forewarning cue to everyone at a time as this.

Quarantine Cruise is definitely a fire jam!


Lyrical content: 2/3

Delivery: 2/2

Music Production: 2/2

Pleasure/ Satisfaction: 2/3

Overall, we will rate the song 8/10.

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