Preachermafioso - Oh My God

Preachermafioso – Oh My God

Collins Ero, Better known with is musical name, Preachermafioso aka Yoso releases a new song titled “Oh My God”

Preachermafioso is a Nigerian musician and songwriter. Born on Aug 7th in the mid 80’s, he is a younger twin in a family of 5. Yoso’s journey in into music started at a very in young age, In the early 90s his father also an ardent music lover would play tons of Vynl Records from legends like Cool & the Gang, Boby Benson, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley & The Wailers Marvin Gaye, Johnny Nash, Michael Jackson, Bongos ikwe, Jimmy Rex Lawson, Balla Miller etc.

In 1993 an older cousin introduced Yoso to the music of the phenomenal Hiphop group from Cleaveland, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The Notorious B.I.G. 2Pac, Jay-Z Fugees Blacky, Tuface and Lagbaja etc, were all icons that went on to deeply influence his style of music. A Christian and youth mentor, the death of his baby sister and twin brother Chris or Chrixtox left a huge dent in YOsO, this which is mostly reflected in the content of his songs. (Life, Love Struggles, Purpose, Salvation ).

Yoso as fondly called by fans, is known for his distinctive blend of glide smooth rap and deep witty lyrical content and his undisputed knack for Afrobeat  His first single in the US iNvincible, which he teamed up with @raspy of the Swanballaz Crew relays up-close and personal experiences, following Preachermafioso’s relocation to the US. 

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Preachermafioso - Oh My God


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