History: Meet The Nigerian Woman Who Murdered Her White Lover In 1953

Ada Esther Johnson will forever be remembered in Nigerian history books for the crime she committed in the 50’s. Ada who was popularly known back then as Ada Ocha Ntu, murdered her British lover Mark Halls in 1953 after she found out he was cheating on her and was even married to a British woman.

According to gathered information, Ada was a 22 years old seamstress as at when the incident occurred. It was gathered that Ada gave Mark her savings of £400 for a business trip in the UK only for Mark to inform Ada on getting back to Lagos that he used her money to set up a taxi business for his bride who was based in the UK.

Mark was really bold and underestimated the power of a black woman in love, because I see no reason why he would pass such delicate information to someone who really loves him or even carry out such a selfish and greedy act. An angry Ada who was skilled with her scissors, used it to stab Mark. Ada pleaded not guilty to the crime, saying she did it out of self defense but was later sentenced to death through execution.

Ada was held at Her Majesty’s Colonial Prison for eight years and one month and was later granted pardon by the then Governor-General of Nigeria, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe at the dawn of Independence. Ada died on 13 March 1995 after a brief illness.

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