Check out the grand prize for Cameroon’s Biggie winner

It all started with Big Brother Africa, and then graduated to Big Brother Nigeria, an entertainment program that have put Nigerians glued to their various social media platforms, television sets and every device available to enjoy the show with.

Nigeria will be celebrating its 5th edition with the winner of this edition is expected to walk away with 85million worth of prize (including Dubai trip for 2, 2-bedroom apartment and so much more).

Just like the Nigeria, Cameroon also have their own Big Brother show, which started on August 2nd, 2020. The organizers of the show said the winner of the 2020 edition will get FCFA 10million (7million Naira, when converted to Nigerian currency) plus gifts and a trip to Dubai.

According to reports, there are 25 contestants (both male and female) in the Big Brother Cameroon house while the Nigerian Big Brother show started with 20 contestants (both male and female) with 2 housemates already evicted (Ka3na and Lilo).

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