Heroes don’t really wear capes in reality, as Nigerian singer Teni, helps a stranded man on 3rd Mainland bridge

Celebrities are also human and most are not just good on mic, but also have a golden heart, as a social media user has taken to his social media account to praise Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata, also known by her stage name as Teni, for her show of generosity and love towards him.

According to Morrison Smart, he had a flat tire on 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos, and was surprised as Teni pulled over to help him with the situation, something which is not common with Nigerians as so many would have over looked him and pass (the mind your business way of life).

“Had a flat tire on 3rd Mainland Bridge, all alone guess who pulled over to help. Teni. You got a golden heart, love you.” Morrison wrote on his Facebook page.

Not all Angels have wings neither do all super heroes wear cape or a flying suit. One show of love can bring a failing heart, or make that down-casted to feel love and have a reason to smile again. Learn to show love and let love lead the way.

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