Check out Otedola’s Response To A Fan Who Spoke French To Him

Nigerian businessman, philanthropist , and former chairman of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, has taken to his official social media account to reply a fan who commented on his picture with a different lingua franca known by the billionaire.

Otedola took to his page (Instagram) to share a picture of himself in an unknown location as he captioned it; “Sunset on the Riviera”. Riviera is an Italian word which means “coastline”; it is a coastal region with a subtropical climate and vegetation of southern France and northern Italy with fashionable resort. So, it can be said he’s in Monte-Carlo Monaco, as shown on the photo above.

Taken to the comment section, a fan spoke French to the billionaire, admiring the environment as she responded in a hilarious manner.

“Le coucher du soleil est sous-estime. Quelle Beaute?” (Which means- The sunset is underestimated. What a beauty), A fan commented.

Otedola responded; “I no sabi”.

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