Sergio Aguero Regrets Buying His £361K Lamborghini Aventador. (Photo)

Argentine international and Manchester City forward, Sergio Aguero has expressed regrets after buying his £361,000 Lamborghini Aventador car.

After buying the vehicle in 2014, Aguero says the car has used barely 745 miles in six years since he bought it and that all the car does is ‘get cold from the rain’ and attract ‘cobwebs’.

The Argentine star still feels he wasted money customising the car and upgrading its interior look.

“I don’t know why the **** I bought a Lamborghini. It must have done about 1,200km (745 miles) in six years – I’ve barely used it,” he said as cited by The Sun.

“I’ve been thinking for two years about what the **** I bought that car for. Now the only thing it does is get cold from the rain; it has cobwebs and everything,” he revealed in an interview with Argentine TV show Santo Sabado.

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