Meek Mill Thanks Nigerian Rapper, John Networq For Comments On An African Herb Remedy To Stomach Pain.(PHOTOS)

American rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams popular known as Meek Mill thanks Nigerian born and raised Californian based rapper John NetworQ for his comments on African herbs and remedy.

Meek Mill had earlier complained of having severe stomach pains for almost two years and had gotten no solution after visiting several doctors until he tried the African Herb.

“My stomach been messed up almost 2 years I been to a bunch of doctors…I took a African Herb and it fixed my stomach like magic!”, Meek wrote.

Soon after his Tweet, he got a reply from California based Nigerian rapper, John Networq who helped him identify the name of the herb he used to cut his ailment. John Networq made him realise kolanuts and bitter kola’s were among the herbs he used as a remedy to his ailment.

Networq wrote; “Dear Meek hear me out. The 1st frame is *bitter kola. It solves almost everything. Fcuk Viagra. Chew on that and he before u fcuk. You’d have to marry her, you will need the second frame (which were the kolanuts)..”

Meek Mill responded with a follow-up tweet acknowledging that kola nut was the African Herb he used, affirming John Networq’s comments that the herb works very fine.

Kola nut what is was!”, He wrote.

“I believe you…changed my life quick!,” Meek replied John Networq.

John Networq is a Nigerian born California based rapper who recently released his new single Hear Word, featuring singer Brenny Jones and Kaptain.

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