#MusicBrainer: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Promoting Your Music On Streaming Platforms As A Nigerian Artist.

The emergence of music streaming platforms in recent years has made it possible for every artist to promote their music independently, have a border less exposure, and also enable them earn off the revenues (royalties) generated by their music.

The services offered by these music streaming platforms like Spotify, Boomplay, Apple Music, Deezer, Audiomack, e.t.c. has made them have great influence in the music industry.

In Nigeria, influential music promotion roles previously performed by DJ’s, radio houses and Alaba mixtape promoters are now gradually assumed by major digital music streaming platforms.

With this impact, every artist wants an increase in their stream counts on the major streaming platforms, not only for the exposure, but to earn significant amount of royalties too.

However the way this is carried out is what matters, because having a good strategy and doing things the right way determines the success of your music when promoting on music streaming platforms.

Here are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Promoting Your Music On Streaming Platforms As A Nigerian Artist.

1. Do not get involved with any service that doesn’t give you full claim/access to your artist profile accounts and royalties.

All music streaming platforms have an artist’s interface that gives you detailed analysis of how your music is performing, access to manage/customize your profiles, access to your revenue streams and so much more. So beware of any service that doesn’t allow you have access to them.

2. Avoid Buying Streams.

Don’t get involved with any service offering streams in exchange for money. Such services often rely on dodgy practices to increase your streams (even after claims that they are real). This is a form of fraud since your streams are monetized and you earn from it. This could as well result to your music taken down and removed permanently from the platforms once noticed.

3. Do not forget to submit your songs for playlisting early enough.

Having your track featured on a playlist can help boost your stream count and increase your exposure on streaming platforms. Therefore ensure you submit your songs for playlisting early enough before it’s released as most streaming platforms do not accept pitches once the song is released.

4. Do not over stream your own music on repeat.

Although it’s cool to listen to your own music once in a while. However, do not be tempted to play to your own music on repeat to help increase your streams. This could be likened to a fraud too, once this is done repeatedly, the streaming platforms will take note and remove your music from their service. Instead make use of the right and effective digital marketing strategies to promote your music.

5. Don’t be shy to share your music streaming links.

Of course it’s your music, shamelessly promote it at every opportunity you can. There is no harm in sharing your music and telling fans to listen to it (especially when it’s great). Put it out on social media, share and embed your music links everywhere.

These are some of the few things you shouldn’t do when promoting your music on streaming platforms.

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