Skallah – Y.G.L.L (You Go Live Long)

Skallah Takes The Centre Stage With New Record; “You Go Live Long”

Taribo Horsfall, popularly known as Skallah, is a Nigerian musician from Port Harcourt in Rivers State set to conquer the music industry.

Having worked with some of Port Harcourt’s greats like Duncan Mighty, Vokul, and Frank D’Nero, Skallah has been regarded as one of Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s hip-hop veterans.

Skallah first found regional success in South Southern Nigeria in 2005 with the massively popular single “Baddaman,” Continuing in dominance, he released another regional sensation titled ‘Cool It Down’ in 2009 solidifying his presence as an Afropop act.

It’s 2022 and Skallah is set to announce his debut EP to the world aiming for a crossover from Port Harcourt city to mainstream success in Nigeria and globally.

In June 2022, the Doktape Records artist launched this journey to his forthcoming EP with ‘Where The Money Go’ featuring Teego currently enjoying impressive airplay, and the music video has amassed over 100,000 YouTube views.

This new single “You Go Live Long”, is an unconventional prayer that celebrates the woman in all her beauty and sexiness. This afrobeat instrumental of African drums, acoustic guitar, saxophone, and piano melodies is infused with Skallah’s unique vocal quality that helps create a calm, happy atmosphere. You can feel the power of Skallah’s music through his lyrics. “You Go Live Long” is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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