Legit9ja Entertainment and Symphonic Africa Join Forces to Empower African Artists

Lagos, Nigeria – Legit9ja Entertainment, a leading independent music company based in Lagos, Nigeria, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Symphonic Africa, a renowned music business firm specializing in distribution, label services, and digital marketing. This collaboration aims to discover, develop and provide exceptional support to artists in terms of marketing, promotion, and digital reach, as well as drive the monetization of content for African creators.

With a rich history rooted in the development of key creators in Africa, such as Victor AD, Victor Thompson, Graham D, and Kaptain, Legit9ja Entertainment has consistently demonstrated its commitment to nurturing talent. Additionally, the company has an impressive track record of discovering and promoting emerging underground artists, including Maxino, Leeobi, John Networq, Debhie, Kayfrizy, Twest, Briyt Tino, Wilsonee, Freshbliss, Giftleen, Brenny Jones, Inestimable, Mart Millz, Brenny Jones, Gift OFA, Kingharmless, and many others waiting to be discovered.

Legit9ja Entertainment’s partnership with Symphonic Africa is a strategic move to further amplify the growth and success of African artists. By leveraging Symphonic Africa’s extensive expertise and advanced technologies, Legit9ja Entertainment aims to provide its artists with enhanced marketing and promotional opportunities, ultimately expanding their digital reach and maximizing their revenue streams.

Chief Newton Arunaye
Chief Newton Arunaye

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Newton Arunaye, Executive Director & Founder of Legit9ja Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are glad to be having this partnership with an efficient and top music business firm like Symphonic Africa. We admire their courage and resilience in pushing African music and talents.”

Chuma Hlawula – Head of A&R (Symphonic Africa) speaks on the partnership, “We are thrilled to welcome Legit9ja Entertainment to our Symphonic Distribution family. Their professionalism, passion for music, and incredible roster of artists under their belt make them an ideal partner for us. We believe that the label/agency has the potential to be a major player in the global industry, and are proud to be a part of their journey.”

Since its inception in 2006, Symphonic has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology, a robust distribution network, and efficient royalty management systems. With over 200 digital service providers in its network, Symphonic ensures that artists monetize every stream and use of their music, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry landscape.

This partnership between Legit9ja Entertainment and Symphonic Africa represents a union of two like-minded companies dedicated to supporting African artists throughout their career milestones. By combining their resources, expertise, and passion, the collaboration is poised to elevate the African music industry and empower artists to achieve new heights.

About Legit9ja Entertainment: Legit9ja Entertainment is an independent music company based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a focus on distribution and label services, talented development, artist management, and promotion, Legit9ja Entertainment has played a vital role in the growth and success of numerous African artists. The company is dedicated to discovering and nurturing emerging talents, while also supporting established creators in reaching their full potential.

About Symphonic Africa: Symphonic Africa is a leading music business firm with expertise in distribution, label services, and digital marketing. Since 2006, the company has built an extensive network of digital service providers and developed advanced technologies to help artists monetize their music. Symphonic Africa is committed to supporting artists, empowering them to thrive in the digital age.

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