SEAVA – Dry Your Eyes

Talented Nigerian singer, SEAVA drops new single titled “Dry Your Eyes”

Stephanie Weaver, professionally known as SEAVA, is an acclaimed Nigerian singer-songwriter whose eclectic style encompasses reggae fusion, afro fusion, R&B, and hip hop. With her raspy vocals and captivating melodies, SEAVA crafts conscious music that exudes soulful vibes and uplifts listeners. Refusing to confine herself to a single genre, she views music as an expression of emotion rather than a rigid label. Throughout her career, SEAVA has honed her songwriting skills, and in 2020, amidst the pandemic, she embarked on recording her music, realizing that life is too short not to pursue her dreams.

In 2021, SEAVA released her debut EP, “WAVES,” showcasing her evolving sound and artistic growth. Her undeniable talent has granted her opportunities to perform at prominent shows and concerts, solidifying her presence in the music industry. Currently, SEAVA is immersed in the creation of her forthcoming EP, scheduled for release in 2023, as she continues to explore new horizons for her sound.

Explaining her transition from Stephanie Weaver to SEAVA, the artist reveals that while her birth name once represented her essence, she sought to embody an elevated version of herself—a departure from her comfort zone while still retaining elements of her true self. SEAVA emerged as the perfect alter ego, derived from an abbreviation of Stephanie Weaver, embodying her evolution and growth as an artist.

SEAVA’s latest single, “Dry Your Eyes,” released on June 9, 2023, delivers a feel-good experience with profound meaning. This empowering song is born from a place of self-assertion and resilience, encouraging listeners to say no and stand up for themselves. Inspired by the emotional turmoil of a toxic friendship, “Dry Your Eyes” aims to inspire and cultivate self-love.

SEAVA personifies her values through her chosen name, representing self-love, rebellion, body acceptance, and courage. Her music resonates with these themes, showcasing her artistic vision and message.

Outside of music, SEAVA finds joy in painting and dancing, expressing herself through rhythm and movement. With a vibrant personality, she embraces life’s pleasures as an introverted extrovert.

Through dedication and unique influences, SEAVA captivates audiences with her soul-stirring sound. Stay tuned for her upcoming EP and immerse yourself in SEAVA’s inspiring world of self-love, authenticity, and artistic growth.



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