Tems Manager, criticizes artists who are overly fixated on the Apple Music Nigeria chart.

Muyiwa Awoniyi, the manager of Tems, expressed his dissatisfaction with artists who are overly focused on dominating the Apple Music Nigeria chart. He believes that such artists are not aware of the current global influence of Afrobeats music.

Awoniyi shared his thoughts on Twitter, stating that it’s surprising to still care about the Apple Music NG chart in 2023. He questioned if those artists were unaware of the global reach of the music scene.

When asked why he considers the Apple Music Nigeria chart irrelevant, Awoniyi explained that the relevance of a chart depends on the number of users of the app within the country. He emphasized that many people in Nigeria might not even use Apple Music.

It’s worth noting that there have been speculations about some artists manipulating their chart positions on Apple Music Nigeria using a technique called “streaming farm.”

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