Discovering the Man Behind the Hammer: Hammerboi Biography

The first question that comes to mind: “Who Is Hammerboi?”, well you have all you need to know below;

Osasike Bobby Uwuigbe Best Known as Hammerboi born on February 17th,1997, is a Renowned music artists and a producer known for his mesmerizing vocals, captivating melodies, and heartfelt songwriting. With his unique blend of soul ,afro and Rnb, Hammerboi has carved a niche for himself in the Music industry, captivating audience worldwide.This biography delves into the life, career, and musical journey of this extraordinary artiste.

Early Life and Musical influences: Hammerboi was born and raised in Benin city Edo state. He is the last child out of 6. From a young age ,he displayed an innate passion for music . Growing up in a household filled with melodies and singers . Hammerboi And his 5 other siblings sang in the same choir.
During his teenage years, Hammerboi immersed himself in a Wide range of musical genres, drawing inspiration from iconic artist such as Banky W ,M I , 2Face , Psquare Micheal Jackson. Their Soulful melodies and introspective lyrics deeply resonated with him, planting the seeds for his own musical aspirations.

Hammerboi is also the face behind Ageless (Ageless testify) a music producer, he was formally Known as Ageless until late 2022 when he was Abandoned by his formal Record label boss and couldn’t get his artist profile credentials They only released a single Perfect Home 2021 April before the clash fast-forward to 2023.

He then Goes with a new name Hammerboi and create a record label for himself Carpenters Records
And release a debut single titled IGHODEFEYI that brought him to the industry. IGHODEFEYI became his first hit song.


Hammerboi is Nicknamed or Aka Son of a carpenter According to his Father’s Profession
Holding a hammer as a symbol of his personality and where he is coming from He calls his fans Builders


Hammerboi’s Journey from Benin City Dreamer to a globally recognized music artists is a testament to his unwavering passion and undeniable talent. Through his soulful voice and poignant songwriting, he continues to create music that transcends boundaries and touches the heart of listeners

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