Martinz – Twenty Four Seven

Introducing “Martinz” – The Rising Nigerian Sensation with a Mesmerizing Afrobeat Love Song “Twenty Four Seven”

Nigerian music scene is about to witness a meteoric rise as Martinz, the talented rising singer and songwriter, unveils his latest masterpiece titled “Twenty Four Seven.” This enchanting Afrobeat love song is set to captivate hearts and souls with its prophetic expression of love and affection to that special woman.

Obakpolor Nosakhare, better known by his stage name “Martinz,” is an emerging force in the Nigerian music industry. A prodigious talent with a flair for crafting soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrics, he is poised to become the future African rising star.

“Twenty Four Seven” is a melodious ode to love, expertly combining rhythmic beats and entrancing instrumentals that resonate deeply with fans of Afrobeat music. The track’s heartfelt lyrics profess a love that knows no boundaries, as Martinz croons about missing the beautiful lady in question every second of the day. He aspires to be her oxygen, the air she breathes, and fills the song with a compelling intensity that leaves listeners enthralled.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Martinz shares, “Love is a powerful emotion, and ‘Twenty Four Seven’ is my way of expressing the profound feelings one experiences when truly in love. I wanted to create a timeless piece that would touch the hearts of people across borders, and I believe this song achieves just that.” With a vocal prowess that is matched only by his charismatic stage presence, Martinz is committed to creating music that not only entertains but also speaks to the soul. “Twenty Four Seven” is a testament to his dedication to crafting songs that connect with his audience on a deeper level.



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