Rema Addresses Speculations About His New EP Art and the Illuminati.

Rema has directly confronted the discussions circulating on social media regarding his upcoming project set to be released in 2023 and its alleged connections to the secretive group known as the Illuminati.

After surprising his fans with the announcement of his second project for 2023, titled “DND – Ravage by Rema,” social media was abuzz with reactions to the EP’s announcement, which was made in the form of a video.

Among the various speculations and theories surrounding the impending EP, scheduled to launch on Friday, October 27, 2023, one theory that particularly piqued the singer’s interest was the suggestion of a link between his project and the rumored occult society, the Illuminati. In response to this comparison, Rema took to his social media platform to address the topic and clarify the concept.

Rema explained to his fans, both old and new, that the bat motif had been associated with him since his debut days due to its symbolism and its representation of his origins.

He emphasized that attributing his project to an occult group was unfounded, highlighting the years of hard work he has put into his music career. Rema urged his fans to educate those who had recently shown interest in his music and to understand the true significance of the bat symbol in his work.

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