D-Black Explains Why Nigerian Artists Outshine Ghanaians

Ghanaian rapper and singer, D-Black, has pointed out that the success of Nigerian artists compared to their Ghanaian counterparts is due to their strong business orientation. According to him, Nigerian artists focus on the business aspect, while many Ghanaian artists create music solely for the love of the art.

During a recent episode of The Afrobeats Podcast, D-Black expressed, “Why Nigerian records are flying higher than the Ghanaian ones is because Ghanaian artists don’t really care about the money. They don’t care about the business. It’s just the love of art which overpowered everything. There’s really no business behind it.”

He went on to share his personal experience, highlighting that despite accolades like BET nominations, he made little money until he embraced a more commercial approach with Afrobeats. D-Black emphasized the importance for artists to understand that music alone is not enough and urged them to actively promote their craft using platforms like social media.

He said:

“BET nomination, all the accolades, I made no money. But as soon as I switched to commercial mood; Afrobeats, I bought my Ferrari and Range rover. I was everywhere.

“Artists and creatives need to understand that music alone is not enough. You need to get up and grind. You need to take advantage of social media to promote your craft.”

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