DJ Khaled To Collaborate with Burna Boy on His Upcoming 14th Studio Album, ‘Til Next Time’

DJ Khaled, the renowned disc jockey, music producer and music executive, has exciting news for his fans. He’s set to feature Burna Boy on his 14th studio album, titled ‘Til Next Time,’ scheduled for release in 2024.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone’s Jeff Ihaza, DJ Khaled expressed his newfound inspiration drawn from the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats. He shared during the Rolling Stone interview that he has been deeply moved by Afrobeats, experiencing a similar spiritual connection as he has with dancehall.

During this insightful conversation, DJ Khaled unveiled a collaboration with Burna Boy for his forthcoming album, ‘Til Next Time.’ Although no official release date has been confirmed yet, music enthusiasts can look forward to this exciting project. The music mogul also discussed his upcoming collaboration with Drake, his exploration of new creative mediums, and various other ventures.

Notably, DJ Khaled recently assumed the role of Global Creative Consultant for Def Jam’s parent company, Universal Music Group. He addressed speculations about his retirement and hinted at his interest in delving into the realms of television and film. In 2022, fans got a glimpse of the Burna Boy and DJ Khaled dynamic when the legendary producer shared several studio videos featuring their collaboration on social media.

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