Falz Recounts Terrifying Near-Death Experience and Survival

In a recent interview, popular Nigerian rapper Falz shared a harrowing account of a near-death experience he and his team faced during a trip for a show.

Falz disclosed that the incident occurred over a decade ago when they had fallen asleep about an hour into the journey. A loud noise jolted them awake, revealing a shocking scene: over five men with turbans and armed with AK-47 rifles in the middle of the expressway.

According to Falz, the first two shots were aimed directly at their car but miraculously missed everyone on board. Tragically, the third bullet struck the driver in the eye, causing instant death, with his leg still on the accelerator.

The rapper described the horrifying moments as the car, now driverless, sped into a ditch at full speed. At that point, they felt the imminent end. The car collided with a tree, shattering glass upon impact. Everyone in the car, including Falz, sustained injuries, with some losing consciousness due to the force of the crash.

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