Bella Shmurda Sets Personal Boundaries for 2024, Issues Strong Warning to Friends

Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has unveiled his New Year’s resolution for 2024. In a recent statement, the artist shared that this year is a personal journey for him alone.

He also had a direct message for friends and family, emphasizing the importance of respecting his boundaries. Bella Shmurda stated, “To those I have supported, alhamdulilah, and to those I haven’t, may God help us. But don’t give me a reason to cut you off. Respect and boundaries are crucial.”

This statement follows Bella Shmurda’s recent headlines for hosting a sold-out concert in Oyo, attracting over 20,000 attendees.

Bella Shmurda, also known as Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene. With hit songs like “Cash App” and “Rush,” he has collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest names.

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