Odumodublvck Playfully Labels Rick Ross an Igbo Man, Explains the Gesture

Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck has stirred social media chatter by playfully referring to American rapper Rick Ross as an Igbo man.

Odumodublvck reposted a video of Rick Ross showering a fan with a pile of money, suggesting that this action is customary for an Igbo man, symbolizing pride and honor.

The act of showering someone with money is a cultural practice in some Nigerian communities, particularly in Igbo culture, often associated with demonstrating wealth, generosity, and status.

Known for celebrating his Igbo heritage, Odumodublvck combines hip-hop with cultural influences and has gained recognition in the music industry. Born and raised in Lagos State, he proudly embraces his Igbo-Nigerian identity, evident in his music and public persona.

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