Burna Boy replies to Jaywon’s claims about Davido’s 30 BG chain gift

Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy has caught the attention of fans with a cryptic message that appears to be directed at his colleague Davido. The buzz comes after a video resurfaced showing the two artists, along with Jaywon, enjoying a night out at a nightclub.

The video sparked speculation about Burna Boy wearing a 30 Billion Gang (30BG) chain, supposedly a gift from Davido. Jaywon had previously mentioned Davido’s gesture of giving Burna Boy a customized 30BG chain, drawing comparisons to Burna Boy’s recent act of gifting Seyi Vibes a customized diamond necklace.

In response, Burna Boy took to Twitter on March 5, 2024, with a cryptic remark: “U see me dey smile, nor mean say I dey smile o. Eyin fans mi, Dey play.” This enigmatic statement has fueled speculation about underlying tensions or unresolved issues between the two artists, leaving fans curious about the true nature of their relationship.

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