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Cobany – Truth ft. Nofis x D-Blaze x Kayne


What really is the truth? This is one question we as humans try to decipher everyday, from the daily jabs life throws at us, and from the interactions we have from our fellow humans. Sometimes, it’s hard to really know who is telling you the truth, because some lies are properly premeditated and veiled, and you’ll have no option but …

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DOWNLOAD EP: Kayne & Cobany – Smokes & Mirrors

Just when the hip hop world thought of calling it a year, this shows up, Smokes & Mirrors by two of the fastest up coming rappers in the country right now, Cobany and Kayne. It’s hot and hip hop at its best. But hey don’t take my word for it, do it yourself and thank me later. Ladies and Gentlemen, …

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