KIDNEY DISEASE: Epidemics On The High Among South Esterners

Health they say is wealth, in an environment where epidemics lingers prevention is the best cure.

In a bid to educate and call attention on issues of public interest, National Association of Nephrology, NAN, in an analysis opined that 14 per cent of adults living in South Eastern part of Nigeria battle with different stages of kidney diseases.

This according to the report briefing newsmen on its 31st NAN conference at the International Conference Centre, Abakaliki with the theme “Kidney in Multisystem Diseases” the President of the group, Professor Ifeoma Ulasi emphasized that the disease was silently plaguing the people of the zone.

However, calling on adults and children to avoid dehydration, intake of toxic substances, hot weather and various practices that are inimical to the smooth operations of the kidney.

Ulasi who observed that the country does not have any national backing on kidney problems called on Nigerians on the need to maintain good health by drinking at least three litres of clean water everyday.

Ulasi according to Vanguard report :

“Some environmental factors are responsible for the kidney problems in this country. Hot weather, dehydration and use of certain toxic herbs are contributory. Not all herbs are good for human consumption and should be avoided.

“Forteen per cent of adult South-easterners have kidney diseases and research is the key to solving this problem. Unfortunately, in this country, we do not have any national data on kidney problems.

“This association in existence for over 30 years holds its yearly conference where we come together to discuss issues related to renal or kidney health. We update ourselves by learning from experts from all parts of the world. This year, we have people from US, UK, South Africa and other Africa countries.”

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