Be an intellectual elite– Learn the difference

Social distancing, self isolation and quarantine has been used wrongly used interchangeably in this period. As a literate elite, you should learn the difference.

Social distancing, according to Meriem Webster dictionary means avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection.

This lockdown period is the social distancing period for people that are not infected,people that do not want to get infected or spread the disease therefore all responsible uninfected adults should practice social distancing.

Isolation is usually practised to separate the contagious and infectious patients from healthy people. It might be self-imposed (self isolation) or by health officials. Self isolation for coronavirus is usually done for fourteen days(or twenty-one days).

Self isolation is usually practised by responsible citizens that has been in contact with infected people. It is usually done for fourteen days,as that is the incubation period of the virus but it is extended to twenty-one days if the person start showing symptoms. (Please call NCDC hotline if you start showing the symptoms).

Quarantine,according to Meriem Webster dictionary is a state of enforced isolation. It is usually carried practiced for 40 days. It keeps the sick people away from healthy people.

I’m glad you learnt something new today. Continue to wash your hands with soap and water and sneeze/cough into a flexed elbow. Call NCDC if you develop the symptoms.

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