Brymo Reveals Why He Hasn’t Won Many Awards. (Read Details)

Nigerian music sensation, songwriter and singer, Olawale “Brymo” Ashimi, has revealed that his inability to win so many awards has been attributed to his refusal to pay for the awards or play at award shows.

The “ARA” singer, has proved many times on twitter, that he is AFRICA’S BEST and the most recognised artiste from the continent.

In reaction to his lean cabinet of awards, Brymo was quoted in a tweet as follows;

“I’m their daddy though. And if you are judging all these by awards, local or foreign, I’ll have you know that I refused to play, even pay cash in some instances is why I’m not decorated…”

The former chocolate city musician, has however won a few awards, such as the Recording of the Year award for the song ‘Ara’ at the Hip Hop World Awards in 2012. At the 2013/2014 All Africa Music Awards, he won the Songwriter of the Year award for the song ‘Down.’ Amongst other awards and nominations.

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