COVID-19: “Africans are not lab rats” – Antonio Rudiger slams French TV

Amidst the rumours that covid-19 vaccines are to be tested in Africa, chelsea defender, Antonio Rudiger slams French TV for racist statements on black-skinned.

The German international didn’t sound cool with the whole video talking about using patients in Africa to prove the efficacy of the experimental vaccine. Antonio Rudiger believes Africans are not lab rats and should never have been considered as one.

Italy, United States, Spain and other first world countries have all recorded coronavirus deaths in thousands each whereas the total deaths in Africa as a whole is not up to a thousand. It is only improper to experiment these vaccines on Africans considering the fact we are not the ones in desperate need of it.

Antonio Rudiger have experienced several racial abuse even in the field of play. He allegedly faced on recently in Chelsea’s match against Tottenham football club in december, 2019. Thus it only right for him to empathize with Africans over such racist statements by the French TV.

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