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SHOCKING: Nigerian Soldiers Threaten to Rape Warri Women in Retaliation (VIDEO)

Member of the Nigerian army has threatened to rape and infect Warri women with HIV for killing their colleague.

Sahara Reporters shares a video of some members of the Nigerian Army issuing threats to rape Warri women. The Army engaged a gun shot which killed on Mr Joseph for disobeying the lockdown order to get drugs for his pregant wife.

The angry youths retaliated and reportedly killed a soldier which led the members of the Nigerian army to issue this threat.

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  1. chinedu chinakwe

    Nigerian soldiers should professionalise their rules of engagement to eradicate the ease with which they brutalise and kill unarmed civilians. At the same time it was wrong for the youths to have killed a soldier. The threat to humiliate the women is a show of weakness on the part of the soldiers. They should be withdrawn immediately.

    • Do you know that Nigeria Army who can not face boko-aram retaliated by killing more than 50 warri youth? Ask the the reporter to us the full video not edited one Mr Chinedu

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