“When my generation protested, we didn’t need food rather nationalist vigor” Man blast #EndSARS protesters

A social media user on Twitter, identified as Beecroft Charles has taken to his social media page to blast the present generation from share food, drinks and doing all sort of fun things in their #EndSARS protest which has lasted for more than a week across Nigeria.

Charles claimed that during their time that they didn’t need anyone to feeding them during protest against ‘Abacha and IBB’ as nationalist vigor pushed them and not free food and drinks.

“When my generation took on IBB and Abacha, we did not need anyone feeding us during protests. We confronted and stood our grounds against everything they threw at us, including bullets. We sustained it for months. Nationalist vigor pushed us and not free drinks and food.” Charles tweeted.

Charles went further to congratulate the older generation as also express his displeasure at those calling his generation ‘cowards and lazy’, as he doesn’t care about the names calling as he is really to wear their effort with pride and honor.

“I am glad that we are being called cowards and lazy. I shall wear it with honor and pride. But at the end of this protest we shall also come back and check the score card.” Charles stated.

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