Here Are 7 Reasons Why Women Break Up With Men.(No.5 Is Common)

Some of the reasons why most women break up from their relationships is because the men make mistakes that completely turn them off and make them look incompetent.

Women may be considered to be complicated, however at times guys tend to add to the confusion, and this leads to a relationship breakup simply for getting on to the wrong side of a woman.

So here are seven reasons why most women breakup with their male lovers.

1. You Never Spend Quality Time With Are: You are always busy and fail to spend the needed quality time with her and nothing annoys a women more than this. You should spending some more time with her.

2. You Don’t Call: Most times you don’t call her, you only Whatsapp or send a text. This shouldn’t be so, ensure you speak to your woman through a phone call often.

3. You Show No Sign Of Respect: Women get pissed when they are taken for granted and shown no form of respect. Learn to give her some respect, and appreciate her with kind words, rather than looking down upon her.

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4. You Never Say “I’m Sorry”: When you don’t care to apologise for your wrong doing, it shows you are proud and also rude too. Learn to say sorry when you are at fault.

5. You Don’t Show Commitment: Lack of commitment to your relationship with her, may lead to a potential break-up. Ensure you stay committed at all times to have a lasting relationship.

6. You Are Not Ambitious: No woman wants a man without no ambition and purpose. So clearly define your ambitions before going into any relationship.

7. You Don’t Trust Her: Having trust in a woman would not only bring her closer to you, but would help you to secure the bond in your relationship.

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