#MusicBrainer: Dear Music Artistes Here Are Five Important Persons You Need On Your Team.

Dear music artiste understanding music industry is vital for your success as an artist especially when diving into the music business as a professional.

To be considered a prosperous musician requires that, you have perfectly mastered the art of making good music and handling the business aspect of it properly.

And one sure way of making things happen is having a good and effective music team. A good music team helps to handle vital task like your music production, artiste management, music distribution, music promotion and much more.

In this post I will highlight five important persons you need in your music team.

1. Artiste Music Manager.

First and most important on the list is your music manager. As an artiste your music manager helps manage your day-to-day activities as a music professional. They help secure shows, deals and handle the business affairs of the artiste.

2. A Talent Agent.

Basically a talent agent is responsible for booking shows for the artiste and scheduling tour dates. They also help create buzz about your career happenings, new songs and album release.

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3. A Music Distributor.

A music distributor works hand in hand with the Record labels as they help produce, distribute and promote your music. They sell your brand as an artiste and market your music releases.

4. A Music PR (Publicist or Promoter).

A music promoter is anyone who publicizes and promote artistes, music, and musical performances. Most music promoters organise shows and help artists get booked for shows too. A music promoter also works with music and brand managers to plan and publicize events to help bring in attendees and profit.

The major role a music promoter plays is to help publicize an artist and the music they produce. 

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5. A Music Publisher.

If you are looking to make money from music and perhaps even turn your passion into a profitable career, then you need a music publisher.

Music Publishing simply put is the act or business of earning money from your music. Music Publishing could also mean the management of music copyrights for commercial purposes.

Therefore when your music is played in a bar, used in a movie, used for commercials, or streamed online, you get paid by those who used your song.

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On a final note, it is important you have a good and effective music team as an artiste, this is because they are very important your success in the music industry.

Remember when “Words Fail Music Speaks – Bring Your Music To Life”


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