Adebayor Accuses Ex-girlfriend Dillish Matthews Of Being A Liar And Cheat, Here Is What He Said

Togolese professional footballer, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, has taken to his social media handle to accuse his ex-girlfriend Dillish Matthews for cheating and deception during their time together.

Adebayor and the former Big Brother Africa 8 winner Dillish Mathews were a thing before their unfortunate breakup. Taken to his Instagram story, Adebayor revealed for information to his fans, regarding why they broke up, as he tagged it “Pay Back Friday”.

According to Adebayor, she lied to him on various occasion, as she once told him that was going for a weekend trip with her best friend in Namibia, only for him to find out that she was in Angola, when he asked her, she said, she didn’t know how she got there.

Adebayor went further, as he revealed he sent her money for her family and friends for retribution and gratitude for taking good care of her while at Namibia, only to find out months that she kept the money for herself. Ending the “Pay Back Friday”, Adebayor revealed he has evidence to his claims as he used a hashtag, “Dillish Dribbled Adebayor”.

Here are screenshot from Adebayor’s “Pay Back Friday”:

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