Couple Married For 47 Years Die Of Coronavirus At The Same Moment (Photos)

Leslie and Patricia McWaters were a Michigan couple from the United States of America who had been married for over 47 years. And last week Tuesday, they died together of Covid-19, within the same minute.

According to reports from the Cable News Network, Patricia was a retired nurse, while Leslie was a fun-loving veteran and retired truck driver.

Couple married 47 years dies on same day from COVID-19

They enjoyed being together hosting pool parties, attending family sporting events and going dancing at the bar where they met.

According to one of their two daughters, Joana Sisk, Pat went to the hospital to get treatment for a coronavirus infection at first, but She was told to go home and isolate, which she did.

The following week, the couple went to the hospital again, this time in an ambulance. They were there for a week.

couple married 47 years dies on same day from COVID-19 (Leslie and Patricia McWaters)

When they died of the virus, the hospital staff tending to them said their times were too close to call, and recorded the exact same time: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 4:23 p.m.

Sisk said she wishes her parents had a different outcome in their illness, and, though her family hadn’t always taken it as seriously as they do now, stressed the importance of wearing a mask to not spread the virus to others.

The McWaters are among the 268,087 people to have died from the coronavirus in the US, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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