Mohbad’s Wife Seeks Help and Justice, Appeals to Nigerians

Omowumi, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, has taken to Instagram to plead for assistance and address Nigerians. In a heartfelt message, she questions whether Nigerians will allow what happened to Mohbad to happen to her and her son.

Expressing her concerns, Wumi reveals that she feels threatened and robbed of her freedom on a daily basis. She vows to seek justice for her late husband.

Appealing to the public for support, Wumi recounts her experiences, including the pressure from Mohbad’s father to have a child for his son. She questions her father-in-law’s actions, particularly his attempts to tarnish her son’s reputation.

Wumi’s emotional plea underscores the importance of standing together in times of need. She calls upon Nigerians to stand by her side as she fights for justice and safety for herself and her son.

You can watch her heartfelt message below.

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