Denrele Edun Sets the Record Straight Amid Comparisons to Bobrisky

Denrele Edun, a well-known media personality, recently addressed a netizen’s opinion suggesting that Bobrisky has overshadowed him in the crossdressing industry. The netizen, identified as @Iykology, implied that Denrele has faded from the spotlight while Bobrisky remains prominent.

In response, Denrele clarified that he is a seasoned media personality with over three decades of experience in show business. He emphasized that his career extends far beyond social media, unlike Bobrisky, who he described as a social media sensation operating outside the entertainment market.

Denrele urged the netizen to refrain from belittling him and to focus on their own endeavors. He emphasized that the comparison is outdated and urged everyone to move forward.

The netizen’s comment sparked Denrele’s response:

“Deaden this Narrative.
This is 2024.

Denrele Edun is a Media Personality with a Professional Career spanning over 3 Decades of Expertise, Experience and Exposure in Showbiz.
He is not an internet sensation and doesn’t operate in markets.

Thanks for coming to my TedX talk.”

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