Kanye West Reacts To Kim Kardashians Reply After Slamming Her For Allowing His Daughter Use TikTok Without His Permission.

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Kim Kardashian appears to have had it with Kanye West’s public criticism of her as their divorce progresses.

The reality star-turned-beauty mogul lashed out at her estranged husband Friday morning in a statement on social media, just hours after he railed against her for allowing their 8-year-old daughter, North, to appear on TikTok.

Kanye had previously chastised Kim for allowing their daughter North West to use TikTok without his permission.

He stated that this is his first divorce in this article, which is thought to be a dig at Kim, who is going through her third divorce.


Ye’s latest criticism was enough for Kardashian, who hadn’t responded to his recent slams against her beau Pete Davidson, including lyrics about how the rapper was going to “beat [his] ass” and alleged false comments that the “SNL” star has AIDS.

“Kanye’s relentless attacks on me in interviews and on social media is actually more damaging than whatever TikTok North might create,” Kim wrote on her Instagram Story.

“As the primary provider and caretaker for our children, I am doing everything I can to safeguard our daughter while also enabling her to express her creativity in whatever media she chooses with adult supervision – since it brings her joy…”

After Kim Kardashian stated that she is the primary caregiver and is doing what is best for their children, Kanye West reacted.

Kanye responded by posting a screenshot of Kim’s message and writing, “What do you mean by major provider? You attempted to kidnap my daughter on her birthday by failing to provide the address.

“You put security on me inside the house when I was playing with my son and then accused me of stealing. I had to undergo a drug test after Chicago’s party because you accused me of being on drugs Tracy Romulus, stop pushing Kim to be this way…”

In another post, he provided a TikTok policy indicating that anyone under the age of 13 should not use the normal TikTok and should instead be placed in the TikTok for Younger Users. North is just 8 years old .

See his posts below:

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